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Q: Do you like your own face? 

Hyde: If it’s an option between like and dislike, then yes.

Q: Only on that level? 

Hyde: Because I love my parents, and this face was given to me by them…that is the biggest reason why I like my face. 

Q: …the mass mobilization of people who go to your concerts, CD sales, etc. there is no comparison! And you still don’t feel any sort of confidence? 

Hyde: I really don’t feel any sort of confidence…because there is this one artist that I admire very much; to me, he is someone with amazing charisma even though his CDs don’t sell very well. I feel that I have not surpassed him yet. 

Q: Do you feel that you are always eager to get out into the public? 
Hyde: I cannot live my life without my privacy. I also don’t like giving trouble to the neighbors because of my popularity. I like having fans, but…I don’t like being famous.

- L’arc @ News Station Interview 2000

One of the biggest reasons why he is such an amazing person

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